User interfaces and experiences that allow the users of our application to interact with Yantra24x7 are what are called Human Machine Interfaces. Forms where users enter information and dashboards through which users view and process information are all human-machine interfaces.

Yantra 24x7 is not just a CNC machine monitoring software or industrial internet of things platform for your devices on the shop floor. Yantra24x7 is being built to enable efficient machine monitoring with complementary inputs from operators on the shop floor. Yantra24x7 is offered on the web and mobile devices as well.

To calculate overall equipment efficiency availability, productivity and quality are the parameters that need to be quantified. There also needs to be traceability to determine data sources in the case of an emergency. 

When we need to enable operators or inspectors or production supervisors or anyone on the shop floor to associate information about availability or productivity or quality, the Yantra24x7 app can be used.

This app works on all mobile and tablet devices and can be made available in all languages as per your needs. The information that is entered through the app enables supervisors and owners of any manufacturing organizations to stay informed of the reasons for downtime or the quality numbers in that shift. 

Quality and transparency need to be organizational practices and needs to be embedded in the culture. Traceability can only be available in organizations in which there is a psychological safety net and hence users will not lie on the reports without fear of losing their jobs.

Just placing a tablet or mobile device near every or set of machines will not result in the transformation needed. The shop floor personnel need to be brought onto this new process progressively and by letting them understand how this traceability can be used to improve processes and profits and thus livelihoods.

The data that is entered through the app will be available to access as reports on the web version of the application. The reports and dashboards that show data form the machine monitoring system and operator inputs are also human-machine interfaces. 

Progressively, Yantra24x7 will build more interfaces for multiple variants of devices and users to interact to enable you to attain maximum profitability. Please contact us if you would like to use this at your organization or partner with us.


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