Bakgiyam Engineering : ( 01-3-19 to 31-3-19)
Proved part variation in the Cycle Time
Shift to Shift variation
Operator wise variation
Hourly can produce with cycle Time 9min = 6 No's
Target Max about = 144 No's per Shift
Max Capacity utilized for Components = 59.7% (Balance 40% can be Utilized)
Components can be produced 24No's hourly could be able to achieve near the target easily (Thumb Rule)
Approx.Operator Salary = 18000 Per Month
Rs 577 Per day and Rs 72 per Hour,
If we utilize manpower effectively with the same cost produce double the components and save
Saving for 4 days Rs2304 and can produce more parts
Note :
Produce the component 86No's per day and for 10 days can produce approx.840No's, if we produce 140No's a day can complete the part within 6 days, 4 days can be saved and used for other part's too.
Machine :
Machine Utilized about min 27% to 69% in a shift.
If we Utilize Machine Effectively can use same job at same machine at 85% Utilization with saving of Rs1200 / Shift ( approx Rs300 Hourly Rate ) considered as 4 hours as shift.
Noticed that machine is idle for more than 4 hours a shift for the same job.
If we run continuously for the same part can save Rs3000 / Shift
4 Days can save Rs12000/- on Machine Side.