An IoT enabled shop floor monitoring system that presents data from machines can be the starting step of the industry 4.0 implementation at the organizations. Once data streams for all parameters that are being monitored are created, insights can be made, and actions can be taken accordingly.

Immediate action is needed when alarms are raised, and this alarm does not have to be heard only on the shop floor. These alarms can be integrated into a workflow that will notify the necessary people through the internet and help them stay informed. Notifications can be aggregated, and common causes of alarms can be eliminated or the risks could be mitigated.

Associating data with attributes, for example associating the shift, operator, machine, part number, and more can provide information on the root cause of an abnormality when it occurs. 

Yantra24x7 can track all these attributes and associate them and report them to enable further study to gather insights. With billions of devices and sensors being connected each year, effectively managing and leveraging IoT data will become an increasingly critical component of an organization’s ability to improve operational outcomes and deliver value-adding applications.

In today’s IoT ecosystem, business leaders cannot afford to let their resources sit idly by or continue applying time to antiquated processes and platforms. As many organizations grapple with tight time-to-market pressures and a requirement to make tangible progress against corporate IoT initiative goals, there is an increasing need to adapt and adopt more iterative development methodologies.

The Internet of Things is challenging organizations to adapt. They must both recognize the magnitude of business changes possible and identify a pragmatic path to evolve to maximize asset reuse and future flexibility. Organizations must reevaluate their incumbent processes and technology with an understanding that their best option will still likely be the one that allows them to evolve gradually and leverage existing assets. 


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