Ramesh Pumps : ( 15-3-19 to 31-3-19)
Start and End of the Shift Production Loss
Same Program Number & Job Description Parts Count Variation
Proven component Hourwise parts count variation
Same Part variation at shift level
Same part variation at Operator Level
Compared to Shift 1 Components produce higher level at shift 2
Utilization = Actual Production / Target
Hourly can produce with cycle Time 2.5min = 24 No's
able to produce = Min 8 and Max 19 No's roduced / Hour
Target Max about = 264No's per Shift
Max Capacity utilized for Components = 37% to 56%
Components can be produced 20No's hourly could be able to achieve near the target easily (Thumb Rule)
Approx.Operator Salary = 18000 Per Month
Rs 692 Per day and Rs 86.5 per Hour,
If we utilize manpower effectively with the same cost produce double the components and save Rs 692 per Shift operator salary.
Saving Rs 6900 per Month per person.
Machine Utilized about min 32% to45% in a shift.
If we Utilize Machine Effectively can use same job at same machine at 85% Utilization with saving of Rs1250 / Shift ( approx Rs250 Hourly Rate )
Save around Rs32,500 per Month ( Effective Utilization of Machine )
Noticed that machine is idle for more than 5 hours a shift for the same job.