Quality and Productivity are the defining characteristic for any manufacturer. Well-configured digital factories are poised to improve quality and productivity from part design to part production to final inspection and shipping.

Digital factories account for revision control and ensure outcomes meet customer requirements. These factories work from 3D CAD models and an online configurable quote, eliminating reliance on often out-of-date prints. Yes, 2D modeling and paper prints are still around, though their time is limited. This is dated with Industry 4.0.

We see an elevated level of quality and productivity and accuracy in certain manufacturing processes when comparing an all-digital design environment to industry norms. For example, a digital thread with a traceable revision history ensures the product developer and manufacturer are working from the same version of the part design.

Other benefits:

  • Utilization of CAD file PMI (product manufacturing information) data to eliminate 2D drawings and transcription errors
  • Repeatable outcomes from automated g-code generation
  • Uniform manufacturing equipment within and across vendor locations
  • Upstream material and Quality and Productivity document traceability

The maturity of digital quality and productivity systems vary. In selecting a digital manufacturing supplier, you should align manufacturing capabilities with your requirements.

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