Why Yantra?

Yantra 24×7 is your the eyes and ears of the shopfloor. Any Machine , Any Device , Any Where

Increases top line and bottom line
Gain real-time visibility of production data
Accurately determine the root causes for machine idle time
Optimizes manufacturing operations through data-driven decisions
Better utilization of assets
Yantra 24×7 makes it easy to maintain production data

Features of Smart Manufacturing

Industrial grade IoT

Machine data is collected in a transparent way, with full co-operation and knowledge of interested parties. All data is secure meeting latest Advanced Encryption Standardsand other protection practices. All data will be deleted or anonymized at the end of the project.

Andon board

Out of sight is out of mind, hence having an Andon board helps to visualize the entire operations. System collects and displays critical data that are associated with the activity and performance of machines.

Production Monitoring System

PMS tracks machine data in real-time. Information such as machine utilization, machine status (on/ off/ idle), production quantity, program number, job description, spindle speed, feed, cutting time, cycle time, tool touch time etc…In simple words, facilitates tracking the progress of production.

Condition Monitoring System

CMS collects and displays real-time information related to Alarms, servo load, pulse coder temperature, servo motor temperature, spindle load, spindle motor temperature, coolant level, oil level, etc…

Quality Monitoring System

QMS helps the operator enter the Quality state to the part produced, giving true OEE (Availability *Producibility *Quality)

Yantra connect (HMI)

HMI allows the operators to monitor the status of machines and feed the data to the system as and when required. The Multilingual interface makes it easy for anyone to use.


Monitoring System

Real-time production and condition monitoringMachine status (On/ Off/ Idle) and utilizationMachine downtime tracking and analysis of its associated root causesMachine Cycle time, Cutting time, Run time, Stop time and Idle timeOEE software solution proactively measures machine effectivenessNumber of parts produced/ Rejected/ ReworkedMeasure of production output from each cell of the shop floorSpindle speed and feedServo and spindle motor temperaturePulse coder temperature

Benefits of Yantra 24x7,
Factory of the future

Gain visibility of the production floor at any time and from anywhere. Real-time machine monitoring and tracking + Instant notifications provide added transparency to the production process.Life changer for small-scale machine shop owners, as it identifies bottlenecksIdentifies non value add activities and resolves defects on the production floor, through data-driven smart
and instantaneous decisions.
Job order analysis: Efficient tracking of job order flow

Yantra 24x7 is result-driven

20-30% increase in production efficiency, increased profit and excellent product qualityAccelerated and quick achievement of ROI, from day 1Increased production output through steady and uninterrupted workflowSignificant reduction in machine downtimeRelatively fewer defects and reworkReduced production inaccuraciesIncreased customer satisfaction and turnaround timeSignificant reduction in production time, costs and resources that add no value to the output.Payback under 3 monthsDelivery of job orders at the committed timeImproved machine life Increased asset utilization and operator productivity

Yantra IoT solution will now be the
eyes and ears of your factory

Simple and easy access to the production floor anywhere, anytime with our new Mobile App (Android and iOS)Get access to the production data in real-time on any device - Desktop/ Tablet / Mobile through our robust data collection software

Highlights of Yantra,
IoT industry 4.0 solutions

Installation of Yantra’s Industrial IoT is simple and straightforward. It caters to all ranges of controllers - right from basic RS 232 to advanced robodrillsMultilingual operator friendly dashboard - availability in vernacular language makes it convenient for everyone on the production floor to experience its full potentialOperates in secure and optimized cloud system Robust Industrial IoT that supports both wired and wireless connection24x7 automatic tracking and recording

Future of Yantra 24x7

We love to create, enhance and build upon our competencyA young, dedicated and zealous team from heart and soul are committed to bring in enhanced capabilities that add to QMS (Quality Monitoring) and CMS (Condition Monitoring)

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Yantra 24 x 7 is not only superior in Production Management System, also they are giving customized screen development as required by the customer like us. We given a concept about the Predictive Maintenance for our CNC machines and Yantra developed the screen, just like we wanted. It will help us to predict the machine failure in advance



Yantra 24x7 is now an integral part of business, touching many different people and departments. It helps the team to measure productivity and make things happen - keeping the spindles turning and thereby increasing productivity by 21%.

Director / RABwin industries Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Mr.Praveen R

It was obvious from the outset that the Yantra 24x7 software was designed for manufacturing application and not something that had to be adapted to fit the purpose. It has also helped us to improve our throughput and the overall volume   of work we process in a year has increased by 15%.

Mr.Praveen R
Executive Director / Bakgiyam Engineering Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore

Mr.Sathish Kumar

Easy to use mobile application that allows me to monitor my machines from anywhere. I rely much less on my operators and it has certainly improved my Production and Machine utilization by 20%.

Mr.Sathish Kumar S
CEO / Glider Tech Automation , Coimbatore


Customers Winning with Yantra